Our Story Spirit of Mamre Sustainability


Founded 20 years ago by the Yu family, Mamre Floor continues to provide the same friendly and excellent service that was first laid down by the founder of the company. The family continues to maintain its factory in China, overseeing day-to-day operations.


“Superb customer service has always been the basis for our company. My father still insists that we preserve our old world standards while keeping abreast of the new. We believe our customers should have added value for their purchase, and we strive to meet these ever-changing criteria.”

– Kevin Yu

We feel one must never sacrifice price for quality. We know that our customers want beautiful, trouble-free products and our factory continues to provide those products to customers around the globe. Many of these customers have been purchasing from our factory for over fifteen years.


The spirit of Mamre is the essence of the product and the founders of California-based Mamre Floor, a second generation, family-owned business. Mamre floor production is located in Northeast China in three separate locations. Raw materials are sources and milled in two locations and our final products are crafted in a third, factory location. Our hardwood sources are located at the foothill of Changbaishan — a famous, majestic mountain range and popular tourist attraction. We know that our production directly affects the longevity and sustainability of our beloved forests, and by doing our own logging, we know our materials are sourced in a sustainable way, reducing the risks of deforestation and wildfires.


Caring for the planet is important to us. Mamre Floor engineered hardwood flooring is made using only renewable and sustainable wood resources. For every tree that is harvested, a new one is planted in its place.


The beauty of our natural resources and the resilience of your flooring are important to MAMRE. By adhering to environmentally sustainable practices and providing a Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty, we are promising to protect the planet and your investment for generations to come.


Mamre is committed to preserving the environment and believes the forests should be a renewable resource. We work with local schools and government to educate students on the importance of preserving the environment. We donate products to schools to educate students about the significance of wood products and the extensive impact of reforestation.


The Lacey Act requires that manufacturers declare the species and country of origin on all woods imported into the United States. This law was enacted to prevent deforestation around the world. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulates production of the lumber once it has been harvested and is aimed at cleaning up product emissions. Compliance with the ATCM, commonly referred to as CARB Phase 2 in the industry, must be third party certified, and then certified by the state’s Air Resources Board.